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Manage My Care is a company with a conscience who wants to do the right thing. Tracey Allan, Director, Manage My Care

Organising Your Own Care? You don’t need to. Let us help you get the right support. Call us now 01494 730 777

Our challenge is to save you at least one or more of the following:


Many people are left to source their own care and they or their family spend hours trying to find the right person/company to help them. We do it all.
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Families often spend a huge amount of energy, talking about and looking for the right care for their loved one. We use our knowledge and expertise to source the most appropriate and cost effective service. You can then choose what’s right for you.
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Families are often worried about the quality of care that is being provided but don’t know where to turn. This can result in people becoming extremely stressed, particularly if they are not able to visit as regularly as they would like. We monitor the quality of care and challenge agencies on your behalf to resolve issues, keeping you informed throughout.
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Many people make costly mistakes when a member of their family is unwell and rush into buying services that are not necessary. We organise and arrange services that are cost effective and appropriate.
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For most people, realising that they need care can be a traumatic and worrying time. The services that we provide are all aimed at supporting individuals and their families to access the best and most appropriate support. Our aim is to make sure that you get the right care, at the right time in the right place and at the right price. Let us do the worrying for you.
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Why don’t you allow us to Manage Your Care?

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