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Manage My Care believe that the well-being and dignity of older people is paramount.

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About Us

Manage My Care has been launched in Buckinghamshire in response to the growing number of people who because of their financial circumstance, are having to find & fund their own care. Generally, people have a good understanding of their own difficulties but are not aware of the solutions or how to access them.

Manage My Care has been founded on three basic principles;

To promote dignity
To help people live independently
To break isolation

We want to create a sense of belonging for people who, because of age or disability, require care & support.
Most people do not plan in advance about what they will do if they need care. People tend to cope until a crisis occurs and then at that stage, decisions are made in haste, which often results in costly mistakes.

Manage My Care offers an annual membership scheme which you can sign up to and receive a range of support services. We want people to feel included so that they will receive the necessary support and advice at the right time in their lives. We want to build relationships that inspire confidence so that when our members need us, they can rely on us. In addition, we are able to provide you with a number of other services that you can purchase at a reduced rate.

For example, Manage My Care provides a Hospital Support Service which includes visiting you in hospital, carrying out a professional assessment of your needs and ensuring that when you are ready to come home, the right services are arranged for you. However, if membership isn’t for you at the moment you can still purchase our services from the Care Menu.

At Manage My Care we aim to improve and enhance the lives of those we touch by setting standards of excellence.

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